Why to Learn Abacus

What is Abacus

As per Dictionary.com Abacus mean a simple device for calculating, consisting of a frame with rows of wires or grooves along which beads are slid.

Abacus is a manual devise with beads which is help of learning calculations and numbers. The beads can be moved up and down on the string. It is not a calculator but it helps in learning numbers, addition and subtractions and improving the Memory.

How does it works

A abacus devise contains a number of beads on the string arranged in rows and columns.

The numbers places like units, tens, Hundreds, thousands, and so on

Is Abacus Good for Children?

Abacus for kids – The Abacus helps children to develop accuracy and love for numbers. The mental maths gets stronger and the brain become sharper since the calculation is done manually. This also help in improving the memory. Also with time the speed and accuracy improves. It not only helps with Addition and Subtraction but also helps in Multiplication and Division.

What is ideal age for learning Abacus.

The best age to introduce abacus learning is from 5 years until the age of 15 years. This period is said to be the brain developing stage, which makes it easier for the child to master abacus.

Levels in abacus

There are various levels in abacus from Level 1 to Level 8

 Learn Abacus at Kbyte LearningWhere can I learn abacus


Abacus online apps is not preferred, learn abacus online and learn abacus at home. we would recommend to learn the Abacus through the actual devise and experience coaches. Abacus classes near me and one of the institute we found helpful to learn Abacus is kbytes Learning.





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    Very nice article. Simple and clear. Got the basic queries about abacus answered. I’m actually very happy with my kids’ improved skills in math and logic being learners from Kbytes. I feel it’s a must try skill for all kids.

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